C Personality – How to Understand Ourselves and Others Pt 4

Who Are You C Personality

The purpose of learning each other’s personality with the DISC is to lay a foundation of mutual understanding which will help us build positive communication based on individual strengths and areas of improvement. When we effectively communicate and reach each other’s core “being,” we validate our identity and purpose as a family, neighborhood, or community.

To understand ourselves and others, we will look at the DISC Model of Human Behavior as a tool to “assist us in building communication and connection by understanding values, beliefs, individual motivators, and primary fears of each person.”1

The DISC model is an observation about human nature and human behavior based on our human tendencies to be:

  • Outgoing/Task-Oriented
  • Outgoing/People-Oriented
  • Reserved/People-Oriented
  • Reserved/Task-oriented
DISC Personality Chart
DISC Personality Chart

Today, we will be looking at the Reserved/Task-Oriented or C Personality.

C Personality

The reserved, task-oriented personality type is a perfectionist by nature. “They believe if you are going to do it, do it right! Here are other words to describe them:

  • Careful
  • Consistent
  • Conscientious
  • Competent
  • Critical Thinker
  • Conformist
  • Cold (their challenge)”1

There are High C’s and Low C’s. The High C’s are known for their ability to follow rules while the Low C’s are known for being innovative.

Rule Follower
Rule Follower

High C Personality – The Rule Follower

High C’s are known for following standards and regulations. High C’s approach new situations with caution.

High C Personality Traits

  • Compliant and follow rules and systems as outlined
  • Methodical and focused on quality
  • Deliberate in actions, precise and accurate
  • Avoids risk

High C Personality Strengths

High C’s are comfortable analyzing large amounts of information; provide clear parameters and procedures for any assignments they give; solve problems in a deliberate and methodical manner. High C’s maintain quality assurance and all their work is excellent.

High C Personality Areas for Improvement

High C’s can be critical when people do not follow their high standards. High C’s look for the “perfect solution” which might not be workable or attainable. They can delay projects because they redo work multiple times to make sure it is done correctly. They prefer to work alone and tend to avoid people who are not as deliberate and methodical as they are.3

The Innovator
The Innovator

Low C Persoality – The Innovator

Low C’s are less compliant than High C’s and feel rules are made to be bent or broken to generate new ideas or to obtain results. Low C’s are more flexible and innovative than High C’s.

Low C Personality Traits

  • Creative and inventive in their approach
  • Innovative when experimenting with new ideas
  • Unbound by rules
  • Independent and flexible

Low C Personality Strengths

Low C’s approach situations creatively, adapt easily to different situations, are quick to experiment to find the best solution, and take responsibility for the results.

Low C Personality Areas for Improvement

Low C’s will challenge rules that are valid and important just because the rules already exist. Low C’s will resist authority when that authority tries to limit their independence. Low C’s need to improve their attention to detail, work on their time management skills, and not take constructive criticism too personal.4

Positive C
Positive C

Positive C Personality Characteristics

A positive C is seen as a pioneer, a front runner, a creator, a developer, an inventor. C’s are known for making breakthrough discoveries in the medical field, technology, banking, etc. They can improve any area if given the opportunity to think outside the box and experiment with various solutions.

A positive C is very careful and conscientious even when they are thinking outside the box. They are sticklers for quality and like to plan ahead, employ systematic approaches, and check and re-check for accuracy. You can trust a C! Their analytical and systematic approach in finding a solution leads to amazing results!

Their precision and accuracy, coupled with logistical planning, leads to the creation of new structures and systems. Their intuitive nature coupled with their attention to details gives them keys to unlock closed doors and to remove barriers that hinder other people.

A C’s keen observation skills joined with their diplomatic manner allows them to interact with people from multiple backgrounds and fields of discipline. They are a learner, yet apply their intellect in a futuristic and strategic manner.

A C does need time to analyze and do their quality work according to their high standards. If you give them the factual information they need, the desired end results, and the time to do their work, they will succeed in accomplishing it.

A C does need words of affirmation. A C does need private space and time to recharge.

Challenging C Personality Characteristics

C’s can be perceived in a negative light because of their formal procedures, their attention to precise and accurate details, their thoroughness to the task at hand can cause them to appear cold, stubborn and withdrawn.

C’s can have perfectionist tendencies which cause them to be critical towards themselves and others. Try not to be critical of their work as it is an extension of themselves.

Because C’s want things done right, they can seem intolerant or impatient toward others. Their inner rules can seem arbitrary and unbending in a relationship.

Because C’s are slow-paced and need lots of details, they can cause undue stress for themselves and others when there are fast-paced deadlines.

One on One
One on One

Communicating with a C Personality

When communicating to a C, it is best to be clear, concise, factual and affirming of what you are wanting of them and from them. C’s put their whole being in their creation, so do be affirming as they create.

If you are in a position of authority, it is good to give the C all the information, tools and time they need to perform the needed project. If you state your priorities of goals and results, answer their “Is this accurate?” questions, give them a fair timeline for creativity and execution of details, then the C will see that your project is completed with excellence. And if you need something newly created, then give them the tools, time and liberty to think outside the box, and they will create the new process, procedures, structures, or “thing” you need.

Famous C Personalities

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Martha Stewart, Tom Brokaw, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Queen Elizabeth II.

“We all need to get the balance between action and reflection. With so many distractions, it is easy to forget to pause and take stock.” ~Queen Elizabeth II

Famous C Personality President

President James Madison was a “brilliant intellectual and one of the best, most meticulous record keepers this country has ever seen.” His meticulous record keeping “during the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the early days of our American government” give us a clear “understanding today of what happened in Philadelphia around 1776. Madison was a long-term thinker and understood the historical significance of what the founding fathers were undertaking.”5

Purpose for Understanding
Purpose for Understanding

Purpose for Understanding C Personalities

The purpose of learning each other’s personality with the DISC is to lay a foundation of mutual understanding which will help us build positive communication based on individual strengths and areas of improvement. When we effectively communicate and reach each other’s core “being,” we validate our identity and purpose as a family, neighborhood, or community.

In this overview, we are not trying to label people or to imply that we can only function in one predictable manner. Rather, we are stating the four relatively predictable patterns of behavior help us gain insight into our behavioral tendencies, so that we can understand ourselves and others.

When we understand the amazing creativity combined with detailed logic that C’s bring to the table, we value their ability to invent, organize, and problem-solve with our project. Their innovative mindset sets them free to soar above obstacles of convention. Give them tools and time, and they will create something outside the box. ~Lisa Blair

We can appreciate all the C is trying to overcome internally as they overcome their self-critical tendencies toward self-perfection. Encourage them in their creative, inventive, innovative and non-constraining bent and you will gain a valuable contribution to your family, neighborhood, or community-at-large.

C Personalities are born Innovators.


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4 thoughts on “C Personality – How to Understand Ourselves and Others Pt 4”

  1. Good morning, Lisa. You’ve got a wealth of info here … and isn’t it fun when we look at a description and find ourselves right in the middle of it.

    I think I stroll back and forth between two identities. And when all is said and done maybe that’s worked well.

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend …

    1. Some people are pure C’s and other people are a combination. I’m a DC which is less than 0.5% of females and less than 3% of the entire population. Once I realized how I was wired, how other people perceived me, and the percentage of the population my personality is, it helped me immensely. I stopped trying to get everyone to understand me, and just started enjoying being myself. 🙂 C’s contribute so much to the world; I hope you embrace with joy who you are.

  2. Thanks for sharing this series Lisa. I have these bookmarked so that I can reference them in my friend & family relationships.
    Thank you for sharing this series with Sweet Tea & Friends this month my friend.

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