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Life and Godliness: Perseverance

Perseverance can be a positive persistence to complete an enterprise begun, a patient steadfastness as we overcome an obstacle, or an endurance through trials, sufferings, temptations or persecutions.

Statue of a King holding a crown above his head

King Canute vs The King

The story of King Canute teaching his flattering servants that there is only one True King, King Jesus.


Life and Godliness: Self-Control

Self-control can be us ‘refusing to do something,’ or it can be us ‘starting to do something.’ We can ‘exchange’ anything for God’s faith-filled, heart-surrendered, soul-trusting Words of Life.

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Life and Godliness: Foundation and Faith

A life of godliness is attainable when we sow foundational qualities which aid our spiritual growth. We find these foundational qualities in 2 Peter 1.


Daniel: A Man of Prayer

Daniel gave attention to the Lord and sought Him earnestly in prayer. We can learn from his humility and faithfulness.