Offense to Be or Not to Be

Offense – To Be or Not to Be is the Ultimate Choice

Offense comes when we experience extreme displeasure over something said or done to us or someone close to us. Offense stands ready to take our hand and lead us down the path of destruction. Therefore, we must make an intentional choice to refuse offense if

Wisdom Harnessed

Wisdom Harnessed with a Unique Perspective

Wisdom is the correct use of knowledge. When we use our minds to discern or judge something properly, we are considered wise. As Christians, Jesus is the embodiment of wisdom. “Christ Himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” ~Colossians 2:3

Incarnate Leadership

Incarnate Leadership – A Remarkable and Surprising Life

What is Incarnate Leadership? Incarnate leadership is God in us or Christ living through us. Incarnate leadership is humble, God-centeredness coupled with other-centeredness. Incarnate leadership is the opposite of self-centered leadership. Let us examine self-centered, other-centered, and principle-centered or incarnate leadership. Self-Centered Leadership Selfish, not

Training Disciples

Training Disciples in Today’s World to be Authentic and Fruitful

Disciples are followers. A Christian disciple is a follower of Christ. “For righteousness can never be divorced from its source, which is Jesus Christ Himself.”1 A fruitful disciple helps others follow Christ. “Discipleship, obedience, surrender – these three words are almost synonymous – to receive

Leadership Based on His Holiness

Leadership Based on His Holiness

Leadership and holiness are both desired for attainment, are recognized when they are lacking, yet both leadership and holiness are challenging to articulate. Holiness is a Person God is holy and the embodiment of holiness. “For I am holy.” ~Leviticus 11:45c “Thus says the Lord

Lens of Humility

Leadership through the Lens of Humility

A Builder’s Foundation The leadership lens has grown in focus through laying a foundation of humility. As we try to understand our leadership foundation, let us look at preparing a building site. When preparing land for a new building, the builder will lay a good

Genuine Humility is Hope Inspired Leadership

Genuine Humility Provides Hope Inspired Leadership

Genuine humility provides hope inspired leadership as it breathes life into the very core of our being as people. At its root, humility is walking in the grace of the Lord. The question becomes, “How do we cultivate humility?” “Genuine humility, as with genuine faith,

Intentional Reflections

Intentional Reflections

January 2022 – Intentional January laid the foundation for understanding my new word – intentional. Intentional – intended; designed; done with purpose. ~Webster 1828 Intentional living simply means to live the life that you truly want. A life by [the] design of your choosing, rather