Beach with footprints in the Sand

Life and Godliness: Foundation and Faith

A life of godliness is attainable when we sow foundational qualities which aid our spiritual growth. We find these foundational qualities in 2 Peter 1.


Daniel: A Man of Prayer

Daniel gave attention to the Lord and sought Him earnestly in prayer. We can learn from his humility and faithfulness.

Hourglass and Antique Clock

Friends of Daniel: Times of Testing

The story of Daniel’s friends journey during their time of testing and the 10 Scriptures for Times of Testing aid us in our Christian journey through trials.

Man with Arms Outstretched

Daniel: A Man Above Reproach

Daniel was a man of honor, faith and character who chose to faithfully serve the Lord in every circumstance.

A Person Overcoming Fear

To Fear or Not to Fear: Man or God?

The 5 steps to overcome our natural fears is illuminating and practical. We can have victory over fear! The encouragement on the healthy Fear of the Lord is enlightening.


Standing Firm in the Faith

Faith is an interactive word. Faith is a response to the Living God. Faith always interlocks our heart to His heart. Faith is our response to God’s love.