Bear One Another’s Burdens

Bear Other's Burdens

Bear Other’s Burdens

Paul encourages us to bear one another’s burdens in love, “Carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ [that is, the law of Christian love].”1

We enjoy celebrating other’s birthdays, future weddings via wedding showers, future babies via baby showers as it is a joy to acknowledge life-giving events. It is not difficult to bear gifts of honor to the ones we love and appreciate in our lives. The Bible says,

“Rejoice with those who rejoice [sharing others’ joy], and weep with those who weep [sharing others’ grief].” ~Romans 12:15 AMPC

Do we know how to weep with those who weep? When my brother passed away, a dear friend came and sat with me for several hours. Some of that time we talked and some of that time we just sat in silence. It was one of the greatest gifts ever given to me – the gift of presence.

We think we are unqualified to be with those who grieve, but each of us can give the gift of presence because all it takes is concern and care. Our love will shine through even in the silence. Silence is not awkward because silence communicates we are willing to bear some of the load – just by being there.

God calls us to “be merciful (responsive, compassionate, tender), just as our [heavenly] Father is merciful.”2

Bear in Love

In 1 Corinthians, Paul speaks of love. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”3

To bear someone’s burden in love is “to carry; to support; to sustain through bearing a weight or burden.”4

Let us encourage others for “anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but an encouraging word makes it glad.”5

Our words are precious in His sight and minister to the heart of the hearer, “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.”6

“(Believers, dear ones), let us not love [merely in theory] with word or tongue [giving lip service to compassion], but in action and in truth [in practice and sincerity, because practical acts of love are more that words].”7


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6 thoughts on “Bear One Another’s Burdens”

  1. This reminds me of my brother’s death. He was a young 42, massive heart attack, never sick a day in his life, hard worker, never missed a day of work. I am still amazed today when I think of the outpouring of gifts and money that his wife and children received from the community and his co-workers. His funeral was paid for with money left over. A special fund was not requested or set up. It was just generosity and love for my brother from all those people. Standing room only in the large chapel the day of his funeral! People outside, unable to find room for them on the inside! Tears are in my eyes as I write this. I never knew my brother was so loved. I hope he knew. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 72. Pinned.

    1. Your brother sounds like a special man, Dee. I’m so glad your family experienced such deep expressions of love when he passed away.

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