Type of Woman or Stage of Growth?

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Several years ago, I received a note from my daughter – she had a dream where the following story unfolded:
I saw Jesus interacting with three different women.

Jesus approached the first woman; sat next to her and held her in His arms; He spent a great length of time with her. Jesus approached the second woman; sat next to her and talked with her for a short moment, then He continued on His way. With the third woman, Jesus simply made eye contact, then kept walking.

The lady in my dream who saw this interaction said, “Well, Jesus! I really want to be the first woman that You spent so much time with!”

Three Types of Women

Jesus replied, “I don’t think you understand. The first woman had many insecurities; she can’t hear Me or feel My heart unless I hold her and speak to her for a long time. The second woman is more mature; so I can simply sit with her and talk. With the third woman, I don’t even have to say a word. All she needs is to look once into My eyes and she knows exactly what is on My heart and what I am thinking.”

My daughter blessed me for being like the third woman. She said, “Though you rarely get the attention of those around you, all you need is to receive one glance from Him.” The truth of this statement is His loving glance can sustain me for quite sometime because His love is so deep.

Three Stages of Growth

As I pondered this dream, I began to wonder if the dream referred to the same woman. I wondered if the three women represented the different seasons in our life:

In the beginning, we are like the first woman. We are needy, full of insecurities and desperate for love. We need reassurance, deep wound care and healing grafts. We need Jesus to help us with our hearts, thoughts, emotions; memories of the past, present-day unknowns and fears for the future.

As time passes, we are healed, and our trust for the Lord deepens; so just as the second woman did, we soak in His love, then carry it with us throughout the day, even sharing it with those around us.

As our love relationship grows deeper and our trust level widens, we are like the third woman; one glance from His eyes and we know His great love towards us.

Walking in Love and Experiencing Wholeness

As our hearts receive the fullness of who He is towards ourselves and others, we carry the assurance of His love deep within us. And in response to Him, our love rises to Him like sweet incense because we are delighting ourselves in the Lord.

Whether this dream interpretation is three types of women or three stages of growth in a woman’s life, I pray each of us moves forward in our relationship with Jesus.


Lord, we thank you for walking with us in every season of life. We thank you for meeting us when we are at our weakest. Thank you for loving us when our hearts and souls are needy. You hold us, love us, comfort us, and heal us. You carry our hearts forward.

You are so kind, gracious and loving. Thank you for loving us so well! Thank you for receiving us when we are completely broken. Thank you for restoring us and loving us into a place of freedom. We draw near to You, and thank You for drawing near to us in response. We love You! Amen.


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