My Teddy Bear Lost a Button

Teddy Bear with Button Face

My Teddy bear lost a button

Oh dear! What will I do?

I will look high and low

Just because of you.


For you are precious to my heart

My darling little one.

Nothing can compare

To my little honey bun.


God was gracious and kind

When He brought you our way.

Nothing is quite like your hug

And all the cute little things you say.


For you little grandchild

Are full of bubbling cheer.

And oh what a delight

To have you oh so near.


For a little hug and chat

For a little play and a snack;

For a sleepover and fun

Before you have to run and pack.


Then off you and teddy go

Buttoned up to return home.

To your home of love

Until you come again to roam.


So fear not Teddy bear and child

For your button was found.

Sewed on tight to remain firm

Safe and sound.


We have no fear, we will not cry

For you little Teddy bear are right.

You bring comfort throughout the night

And keep me from every fright.


Although my heart truly does know

You, little Teddy, do not protect me from the dark.

For only God keeps me safe and sound

For He keeps me close to His heart.



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4 thoughts on “My Teddy Bear Lost a Button”

  1. Oh, nice take on the prompt, I like your poem! I wrote a poem for the prompt but don’t have the image ready to post just yet 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up at the Wednesday Writing Prompt 10. Shared on Fb, Pn, and Tw.

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