Genuine Humility is Hope Inspired Leadership

Genuine Humility Provides Hope Inspired Leadership

Genuine humility provides hope inspired leadership as it breathes life into the very core of our being as people. At its root, humility is walking in the grace of the Lord. The question becomes, “How do we cultivate humility?” “Genuine humility, as with genuine faith,

Intentional Reflections

Intentional Reflections

January 2022 – Intentional January laid the foundation for understanding my new word – intentional. Intentional – intended; designed; done with purpose. ~Webster 1828 Intentional living simply means to live the life that you truly want. A life by [the] design of your choosing, rather

Intentional Love

Intentional Love the Greatest Gift of All

Love is the greatest gift of all times. Love is our greatest need. If our need for love is met, we feel valued in the depths of our being. Our lack of love can cause deep wounding in our heart. Heart wounds can lead to

Intentional Celebrations

7 Intentional National and International Celebrations

Intentional celebrations are done by design and with a purpose. Intentional national celebrations include Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Independence Day Many countries celebrate Independence Day with parades, speeches, picnics and family gatherings. In the United States

DISC Personalities

DISC Personalities – How to Have Intentional Relationships

Intentional relationships can be healthy when we take the time to learn a little more about each other. The DISC personality is an easy tool to use in the home, in the workplace, and in our community. The purpose of learning each other’s personality with

Intentional Death to Unlock Life

3 Targeted Steps for Intentional Death to Unlock Life

Intentional death is to act with purpose to die to self. When we die to self, we find life. Targeted Step One – Believe When we choose intentional death to self, we have to believe it is for a greater good – ours, someone else’s,

Intentional Waiting

5 Simple Ways to Use Intentional Waiting to Your Advantage

Advantage One – Intentional Waiting Helps Us Renew Our Strength Many people are busy as in busy-to-weariness. This leads to weariness and fatigue. Summer is a great time to pull aside to renew our physical strength. Intentional waiting takes intentional planning for times of physical

Intentional Pursuit

Intentional Pursuit of God’s Heart

Intentional Pursuit of God’s Heart Intentional pursuit of God. What does it mean to intentionally seek the Lord with all of our heart? “Jesus said, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your