A Poem on Active Storm Preparations

Active Winter Storm

A winter storm is brewing

It’s time to actively prepare

Snow and ice are coming

We must be aware!


Feed and water the doves

Feed and water the duck

Run to the grocers

Put gas in the truck.


Check on our neighbors

Check on our friends

Make sure everyone is okay

No one’s life must end.


Because of a winter storm

Because of a little ice

We all have time to be kind

And to be nice.


Yes, watch out for the weather

And watch out for its effects

But take time to watch out

For other people and show active respect.

*I’m joining with Grammy Dee’s Wednesday Writing Prompt Linkup WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT – WORD ACTIVE – 101 WORDS OR LESS – Grammy’s Grid (grammysgrid.com)

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6 thoughts on “A Poem on Active Storm Preparations”

    1. Thanks, Dee! Whenever I read other people’s poems, it somehow sparks a poem in me. I’m not a poet, but I enjoy a good rhyme now and then.

  1. What a delightful poem! Whenever we have a threat of a winter storm, our grocery stores quickly become depleted of bread and milk. But rarely do the winter storms happen in my area even when predicted. 😉

    1. We rarely have winter storms, but this one is delivering. It started raining ice around 2 p.m. today. The ground looks like shaved ice chips. It is supposed to begin snowing tonight, so three days of ice and snow, then it will melt and disappear.

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