The Most Important Book – The Bible

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The Bible is the most important book in all of history because it does not contain words of men, but the transformational words of God. The significance of these Words of Life shows when people are willing to die for their faith in Jesus Christ. Christians have shown their love for centuries in countless ways –

  • Everyday acts of love
  • Going to the ends of the earth to share His love
  • Translating His Words of Life into multiple languages
  • Beginning countless hospitals and orphanages
  • Digging water wells and raising food

The importance of the Bible cannot be minimized for its impact is felt in many hearts in many people groups in many lands. The Bible is the number one selling book of all time because it contains the Words of Life.

How I love your teachings [instructions; laws]! I think about [ponder; meditate on] them all day long. ~Psalm 119:97


Behold! I Make All Things New


Expanded Bible (EXB) The Expanded Bible, Copyright © 2011 Thomas Nelson Inc. All rights reserved.

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14 thoughts on “The Most Important Book – The Bible”

  1. Bible’s the most important book, and gives both joy and tremors,
    and worthy of a longer look than Justin Bieber’s memoirs.
    Bible gives you all you need to navigate these crazy days,
    when every airwave seems to bleed with everything but praise.
    The Good Book is an open door; walk through it with a certainty
    that you will know more and more that God’s grand bright eternity
    was really made (can it be true?) just for Him to share with you.

  2. I have no idea what I would do without my Bible. “The Bible is the number one selling book of all time because it contains the Words of Life.” Amen and it is life-giving!

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