Firework Celebrations

Firework Celebrations

On a night like this, the only thing you need is enthusiasm and some fireworks.

Childhood Firework Celebrations

July 4th conjures up pictures of family, barbeque, potato salad, watermelon, water play (swimming in a pool or playing in the sprinkler) and lots of laughter. My parents enjoyed hosting family reunions and get-togethers.

My daddy would buy us (children) a few boxes of sparklers and we would laugh and squeal at the bright sparks flying near us as we spun our own personal fireworks around in circles. My daddy and my uncles would purchase a few larger fireworks for the adults to discharge. Because these were very loud, I would usually go in the house and watch out the window with my younger cousin or with the frightened animals.

Afterwards, my daddy and uncles would climb on the roof of the house to make sure there weren’t any hidden fires. It seems every year, they would spot a glow somewhere on the land, so they would load buckets of water into the back of the pickup and drive to where there was a small ember glowing and extinguish it with water, then shovel dirt on top of it. Because of their vigilance, we never had a fire burn on our land due to the fireworks.

Adult Firework Celebrations

On July 4th our family celebrated quietly. We had the delicious, barbequed meat, scrumptious potato salad, a bowl of fresh watermelon, and one of the children would bake brownies or a pie. As you can see, I carried on the July 4th family food tradition with my children.

Our family is not into fireworks, but we would purchase a couple of boxes of sparklers for the children to “experience” what fireworks were on a personal level.

In the evening, our family would always drive close to where the local display of fireworks were located, park, and ooh and ahh over the city’s firework displays. I have always appreciated how various local businesses sponsor the family experience of fireworks in the community.


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6 thoughts on “Firework Celebrations”

  1. Sounds like the way we observe the 4th. Sparklers were always a hit with my children when they were little then later on the grandbabies enjoyed them too. And yum, potato salad and watermelon!! Speaking of fireworks, neighbors down the road from us were lighting up the sky Sunday night. I don’t know what the occasion was but they were pretty to watch 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up at the Short Story Prompt 28. Shared on Fb, Pn, and Tw.

    1. Just talking about potato salad and watermelon is making my mouth water, Dee. We might need to make some this weekend to eat and enjoy.

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