Tea with Orange Slice and Cinnamon Sticks

Memory – Your Secret Super-Power

Memories shape our expectations and our emotions. We can use aromas to change negative memory connections into positive memory connections.

Beach with heart drawn onto the sand

Life and Godliness: Love

Love is the purest form of devotion to another. We will look how Daniel, the Good Samaritan, George Washington Carver and World Vision express the love of God to others.

Kids reading a book together

Life and Godliness: Brotherly Kindness

Brotherly Kindness is an act of good will toward others. We will look at: Jonathan and David, Barnabas and Paul, Mother Teresa and the Red Cross as examples for us to follow.

Old village church by pond

Life and Godliness: Godliness

Godliness simply means God-likeness. We look at the lives of: Esther, Paul, and Amy Carmichael as examples of living a life of godliness.

Kids riding water buffalo across a dirt field

Life and Godliness: Perseverance

Perseverance can be a positive persistence to complete an enterprise begun, a patient steadfastness as we overcome an obstacle, or an endurance through trials, sufferings, temptations or persecutions.

Statue of a King holding a crown above his head

King Canute vs The King

The story of King Canute teaching his flattering servants that there is only one True King, King Jesus.


Life and Godliness: Self-Control

Self-control can be us ‘refusing to do something,’ or it can be us ‘starting to do something.’ We can ‘exchange’ anything for God’s faith-filled, heart-surrendered, soul-trusting Words of Life.