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How to Teach Drawing

My students wanted to learn drawing, so I looked for available resources to aid me in teaching them how to draw. Here are my favorite drawing, sketching and art resources. I did not purchase these all at once, but acquired them over 26 years of teaching.

Lady Justice

Examining Our Nation’s Foundation

As we examine our nation’s foundation, we have to examine if we are affected by the Pagan View, the Modern “Christian” View, or the Biblical View. After examining ourselves, we turn our hearts toward God.

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5 Keys to Thriving during a Pandemic

COVID-19 has required shifts and changes to our normal lives, yet it has given us opportunities to draw closer to Christ and to serve our families well.

Sarah Nazarian shares how we can all thrive during this pandemic season.

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Living in God’s Peace (No Matter What!)

These Truths started me on my journey of ‘taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ’. As I daily began to refuse to be ‘hooked’ by anxieties, fears, and insecurities; I found great freedom. You can find peace and freedom too.

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Teaching Someone How to Pray: ACTS

The ACTS Model of Prayer is a simple, yet powerful way to pray. If you are struggling in prayer or desire to go deeper in intercession, ACTS is a powerful tool for moving you into deeper intimacy with the Lord.

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Day Trips for Families

This article mainly describes how I use the TripAdvisor site and mapping program to find various destinations for our family to visit. The examples given do mention specific sites in Virginia and Texas.

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Partnering with God in Prayer

Are you willing to partner with God? Are you willing to stand in the gap before God for the people of the earth? God is calling us to partner with Him in prayer. May we respond to His call.

My Favorite Gift Books

These are my favorite books to give as gifts to other people. I enjoy giving books for Birthdays, Christmas, Baby Showers or to sow into young people’s Summer Reading libraries. Purchasing books as a friend, as an Aunt, as a Mom and now as a grandmother – brings me great joy!