January's Journey

January’s Journey

January’s Journey has me joining Jennifer from Overcome With Thankfulness who has taken over hosting “Share 4 Somethings” from Heather who was the originator and hostess for five years.

3 Steps in How to Receive Your WOTY

3 Steps to Receive Your Word of the Year

The forgoing of New Year’s Resolutions by receiving a Word for the Year brings intention, focus, and clarity to our lives. There are no goals.

December Reflections

December Reflections 2022

December Reflections has me joining Share Four Somethings in 2022. Share Four Somethings has four categories for reflection: something loved, something gleaned, something braved, and

Intentional Reflections

Intentional Reflections

January 2022 – Intentional January laid the foundation for understanding my new word – intentional. Intentional – intended; designed; done with purpose. ~Webster 1828 Intentional

5 Ways to Embrace

5 Ways to Embrace Jesus during the Holidays

December presents a great opportunity to embrace reflection, embrace recharge, embrace refreshment, invest in relationships, and embrace giving a Merry Christmas to others. 1       Embrace

Wisdom Calls to the Simple

Wisdom Calls to the Simple

God Calls the Simple The Lord chooses to use the simple, ordinary, even foolish things of the world to bring glory to His name. “But