Ease into Relationship

How to Ease into Deeper Relationships

We can ease into deeper more intimate relationships by intentionally sowing into those we value. Intimacy is “close familiarity or nearness in friendship”1 with others.

Nesting Makes a House into a Home

How Does Nesting Make a Home?

Nesting When we think of a nest, we immediately call to mind a bird nest. When we think of nesting, we call to mind a

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings – Cultivate Thankfulness

How do we cultivate thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation? Cultivate Dreams Enjoy Simple Pleasures Sow into Your Soul Cultivate Dreams We want to cultivate our dreams,

Love is Love

4 Types of Love

4 Types of Love The 4 Types of love: affection, friendship, passion and selfless love – or sometimes known by the four Greek words for