Useful Vessel

Useful Vessel of Honor

As Christians, we desire to be useful vessels of honor. We live honorably by living according to His Word, walking in godliness and engaging in good deeds or acts of service. Useful Word Reading, studying and applying His Word will help us to live a

Stretch of Time

Stretch of Time

Stretch of Time Time stretches out before me. Some days it seems too short to accomplish all the tasks at hand. Yet other days seem to stretch on and on and on with bedtime a distant realization. “He has made everything appropriate in its time.

Intentional Worship

Intentional Delight, Worship and Prayer

Intentional Growth Intentional growth is my desire to develop well-rounded in my spirit, soul and body. Intentional progress comes through cultivating my heart to delight in the Lord, worship Him and to pray. My two Scriptures for 2022 are: Matthew 7:7-8 NASB Ask, and it